Nov 16, 2011

Best Article Ever

A friend of mine (and fellow SAHM) sent me this and I thought it was amazing!!! So incredibly true.


FyshWyfe said...

Wooooord. I'm not even a SAHM but I totally relate. Every waking moment, every decision (no matter how small, like if I get to have a shower today) is based on the needs and priorities of my children, then my husband, then me. The only one in my family who gets served after me is the dog. So when I get a rest I want to REST, not talk on the phone for 45 minutes with someone who can't relate. Sorry.

Landrie said...

I like the part about how it takes Moms 45 minutes to do something that takes other people 15 minutes to do. Nothing is simple anymore.

And it must be said that I'm not (and I know you're not) complaining about this stuff. We love our families and would never want anything else. It's just reality.

RiRi said...

I love this.